Administrative Process in FDC

Administrative Process in FDC
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This session covers the basic legal requirements in relation to record keeping, including what is retained, who is responsible, and how long is the records must be kept in a family day care context.

Educators will explore the requirements around maintaining confidentiality, with regards to information shared verbally and written information and records provided by families.

The session covers the privacy laws and explores the obligation of managing attendance records and parent signatures for child care fees. We will discuss the basics around setting up your FDC business, taxation and budgeting.

Educators will have access this session for 3 months to complete, they are able to log on at a time that suits them, they can leave and return as many times as required. The session has a number of knowledge check points and reflective questions to assist in consolidation of knowledge.

Online Interactive Session:
  Self Paced
Module Duration:  1.5  hour

Module Cost: $33.00pp