Educator training and induction package – operating a quality service

Educator training and induction package – operating a quality service
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FDCAQ has created an online Induction Training Package designed for Family Day Care educators that covers:

Family Day Care Administration – explores the administrative requirements of educators working in FDC.
Working within Legal and Ethical Frameworks – supports a connection between service policies, state and commonwealth legislation and the National Quality Standards
Work Health and Safety – investigates hazard assessment and risk management
Care for Children – assists educator in think about each child’s and their individual needs.  
Work Collaboratively with Families – supports educators with strategies to develop respectful and trusting partnerships with families
Child Protection – introduction to how to identify and respond to children at risk of abuse
Managing Children’s Health and Safety – explores the role educators have in ensuing children have a safe environment and their health and wellbeing is a primary consideration in all routines, excursions and experiences offered.

The induction package incorporates an interactive approach that uses everyday experiences to assist a potential and new educator in transferring learning into practice. There are 7 modules with reflective questions and knowledge checks embedded in the package. The induction package could be used in a number of ways:

  • Completed by an educator as a tool to measure their suitability for a career in family day care prior to starting.
  • Completed alongside of an existing induction package as a way to consolidate learning and practice.
  • Completed as a stand-alone induction package where the service staff works with the educator to discuss policy and procedure alongside the scenarios and key learning points discussed in each of the modules.
  • Completed by an educator who needs an update in their knowledge and understanding of educator role and responsibilities.

Online Interactive Session:
  Self Paced
Module Duration:  7 x 1 hour

Module Cost: $100.00pp