Ensure the Health and Safety of Children

Ensure the Health and Safety of Children
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This is an online interactive session that explores the role educators play in ensuring children’s emotional, physical and overall wellbeing. You will explore aspects of children’s general health including recognising and responding to illness, maintaining physical safety by ensuring sun protection, administrating medication within legislative guidelines and applying infection control processes. 

In this session you will also look at the principles of supervision, road safety as it applies to young children and management of children’s allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis. 

Educators will have access this session for 3 months to complete, they are able to log on at a time that suits them, they can leave and return as many times as required. The session has a number of knowledge check points and reflective questions to assist in consolidation of knowledge.

Online Interactive Session:
  Self Paced
Module Duration:  1.5  hour

Module Cost: $33.00pp