Family Day Care Professional E-Learning

Family Day Care Professional E-Learning

Looking for online training to do your job effectively or become more confident in the workplace. Ongoing online training gives you the opportunity to brush up on skills and refresh your task mastery. These courses have been developed with Family Day Care Educators in mind.  

Child Protection Matters

Session Length: 1 Hour

This session is designed for FDC educators to understand their obligation in identifying and responding to child protection matters. Upon successful completion, participants will be

  • equipped with basic Child Protection skills sufficient to enable them to appreciate the importance of Child Protection
  • understand their legal and service policy obligations in relation to protecting children from harm
  • recognise indicators of child abuse, and
  • report the concerns appropriately.

Safe Food Handling and Storage

Session Length: 1 Hour

This session is designed for home based Educators. The session focuses on ensuring educators have a strong understanding of their obligation and duty of care requirements around

  • safe food storage
  • healthy food practices
  • personal hygiene
  • appropriate preparation of food

The session connects everyday practice with National Education and Care Law and Regulation, and discusses how these processes can be incorporated into your curriculum, to reflect the EYLF Learning.

Supporting Children’s Behaviour

Session Length: 2 x 1 Hour

This workshop has two modules designed specifically for home based Educators. Module One :

  • unpacks the key theories and ideas used to develop the strategies for supporting children in their development of both social and emotional skills.

Module Two :

  • educators will explore the concept of self-regulation.
  • discuss practices they can use to assist children with their ongoing development of self-regulation.


Educator training and induction package – operating a quality service

Session Length: 7 x 1 Hour

FDCAQ has created an online Induction Training Package designed for Family Day Care educators that covers:

  • Family Day Care
  • Administration
  • Working within Legal and Ethical Frameworks
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Care for Children
  • Work Collaboratively with Families
  • Child Protection
  • Managing Children’s Health and Safety

Working collaboratively with families

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This is interactive e-learning course which covers, the key aspects of building a collaborative partnership with families in a home-based setting. Participants will explore

  • how to put in place effective communication strategies ensuring the needs of families and the child are considered alongside their own.
  • Gain skills around tackling difficult situations and/or conversations to sustain positive relationships with both the families and their children.

Care for Children – routines and practices

Session Length: 2 x 1 Hour

This is an interactive e-learning session which explores the importance of consistent daily routines in children’s lives. You will develop an understanding of responding to children’s age appropriate physical needs, this includes

  • encouraging independence,
  • completion of tasks and
  • supporting respectful interactions with others and learning resources.

In this session you will develop strategies for supporting children to express their fears and feelings as well as consider how you could assist new children.


Workplace Health and Safety in FDC

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This is an interactive e-learning session which explores your obligation to workplace health and safety laws as an educator operating a family day care home-based business. You will learn

  • how to plan and conduct a workplace (home) health and safety check
  • undertake risk assessment to identify hazards
  • access and implement control measures and apply risk management processes
  • how to deal with emergency situations
  • complete assessment records and report on incidents
  • consider implications of own stress and fatigue on workplace practices.

Ensure the Health and Safety of Children

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This is an online interactive session that explores the role educators play in ensuring children’s emotional, physical and overall wellbeing. You will explore

  • aspects of children’s general health including recognising and responding to illness
  • maintenance of physical safety by ensuring sun protection, administrating medication within legislative guidelines and applying infection control processes.

In this session you will also look at the principles of

  • supervision
  • road safety as it applies to young children and
  • management of children’s allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis.

Work Legally and Ethically

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This is an interactive e-learning session which explores your obligation to key statutory and regulatory requirement as an early childhood educator. The session covers the how the ECA code of ethics applies to everyday practice and is able to guide your professional behaviour. You will learn

  • how policies and procedures guide your practice and support your ability to operate within the law and regulation
  • duty of care
  • your rights as an educator and the rights of your clients in relation to the payment and provision of care
  • how to develop skills in problem solving
  • a tool box of strategies for responding appropriately to difficult situations


Administrative Process in FDC

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This session covers the basic legal requirements in relation to record keeping, including

  • what is retained
  • who is responsible and
  • how long the records must be kept in a family day care context.

Educators will explore the requirements around maintaining confidentiality, with regards to information shared verbally and written information and records provided by families. The session covers the privacy laws and explores the obligation of managing attendance records and parent signatures for child care fees. We will discuss the basics around setting up your FDC business, taxation and budgeting.