Food Handling and Safe Food Storage

Food Handling and Safe Food Storage
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This session is an online interactive workshop designed for home based Educators. The session is focused ensuring educators have a strong understanding of their obligation and duty of care requirements around safe food storage, healthy food practices, including personal hygiene and appropriate preparation of food processes. The session connects everyday practice with National Education and Care Law and Regulation, and discusses how these processes can be incorporated into your curriculum, to reflect the Early Years Learning Frameworks Learning Outcomes

Educators can access this session at a time which suits them, leave and return as many times as required. The session has a number of knowledge check points and reflective questions to assist in consolidation of knowledge and has a Professional Development Quality Improvement Plan attached aimed at encouraging educators to think about how what they have learned will influence their daily interactions and practice in food safety and handling. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation on completing the course fully.  

register-now-buttonOnline Training Length:  self paced
Session Cost: $33.00pp