professional learning


In conjunction with our Registered Training Organisation, Family Day Care Training Australia, we have developed a range of professional development sessions aimed at building the capacity of the family day care workforce. These sessions are delivered in a range of flexible and accessible ways including face to face and online.

The Family Day Care Association QLD Professional Learning, Resource and Support Team works from a strengths based approach, focused on building on the existing knowledge of educators and coordination unit staff. Scaffolding new understandings through inquiry based learning and reflective questioning. We also acknowledge every person brings their own knowledge of their unique learning style.

Increasingly, Family Day Care Association QLD is thinking about how to provide focused, flexible and systematic professional learning opportunities to support ongoing growth of home-based Educators and Coordination Unit Staff. We aim to provide a strong platform that moves beyond traditional professional development delivery through our commitment to targeted long-term professional learning pathways, grounded in current contemporary content and flexible modes of delivery.

Our Commitment to Transforming Practice

Professional Learning Sessions aim to transform practice. We include a reflective practice process following each Professional Learning session leading to the development of a Professional Development Plan (PDP). The development of these plans form an integral part of our commitment in challenging learners to reflect on their practice. To consider how the new or revisited content will influence their daily work. Learners are asked to complete an assessment process and develop a Professional Development Plan, prior to receiving a Certificate of Participation. These processes acknowledge participants and trainers are collaborators and life long learners, demonstrating the ability to take control of their learning always considering how they can build onto their newly acquired and existing knowledge.

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