Family Day Care Training Australia – Registered Training Organisation

Family Day Care Training Australia (FDCTA) offers niche learning and development products and services tailored
primarily to the changing and developing requirements of the family day care sector and its workforce. FDCTA has a
national focus offering services throughout Australia as well as to the broader Early Childhood Education and Care
sector. Family Day Care Training Australia (FDCTA) is the trading name for Source Education & Training Ltd, a company limited by guarantee. FDCTA is a Registered Training Organisation, offering both accredited and non-accredited
(professional development) training, workshops, targeted consultancy services, and a wide range of innovative
resources and tools.

Assistance in your studies

You will be assigned a Trainer/Assessor who will work with you to achieve competency in the units. Trainer/Assessors are experienced early childhood workers who will be able to assist you with any questions, and support your
understanding of the unit learning guides or assessments you are studying. This process of support has proven to
ensure Educators are successful in meeting the competency within a desirable period.
You will send your written assessments to your Trainer/Assessor who then will mark them and forward them onto Source for entering into our computer system. Students will receive a copy of their assessment cover sheet which
outlines comments from their Trainer/Assessor.

Students will need to undertake on the job assessment with some units of competency. You can do this at your
workplace, as long as you have access to the required age group for the unit. Your supervisor at work or a Coordinator of a family day care service can be the supervisor for your practicum. A workplace assessor from Source will also assess for competency on the job, while care occurs.


These testimonials have been collected from clients of Source Education and Training (now FDCTA)

Taking the first steps to qualifications…..

My Family Day Care journey started for me in 1997 as a Educator. In 2006 I was approached by my Scheme to see if
educators were interested in obtaining their Certificate III in Child Care. Source Education and Training had funding for 6 modules. I hadn’t studied for a while but was enthusiastic with the thought of obtaining a formal qualification. Source
Education and Training offered training in a small group setting with other Educators in my Scheme. It was great to be able to relate the study to my day to day experiences as a Educator. Once completing my Certificate III later that year I was really eager to get started on my Diploma. I enrolled in the Diploma early in 2007 with Source. I set myself some goals. I wanted to complete my Diploma by the end of that year and later consider a role as a Family Day Care
Coordinator. As much as I loved my role as a educator I was keen to look at the other side. Working with Educators and supporting them in their role.

I completed my Diploma in October 2007 and within two weeks had applied and got a full time position as a Coordinator. I was absolutely thrilled. In 2009 I completed my Advanced Diploma as well as Certificate IV in Assessment & Training. I am extremely proud and excited to say that not only am I a Coordinator, but also a trainer now with Source Education and Training, working with groups of Educators wanting to obtain their Certificate III. I enjoy every moment of this, supporting Educators with their studies, and providing additional one on one support when needed. Relating their studies to their every day experiences in Family Day Care is a bonus. Educators are given the opportunity to share the same passion I also have for Family Day Care.

The modules are great to work with, the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff at Source Education and Training are
supportive and a fantastic group of people to work with. Some students choose to work at their own pace and by
themselves. This is great; they know that help is just a phone call or email away if needed. It is a rewarding experience to help Educators obtain a formal qualification and achieve their goals. This experience can only strengthen further their knowledge and skills as a Educator, benefiting the children and families in their care.

Michelle Fliakos: Daisy Hill FDC


Encouraging people to need their full potential

With much encouragement from my co-ordination unit I commenced my Cert 3 in 2004. I was very nervous when I
started as I didn’t have fond memories of my school days, I didn’t have a lot of faith in my abilities to be able to
understand the study guidelines let alone be able to write assignments. Well I began my study with Helen Moorhouse and the Source Education and Training Team and very quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be as difficult or as scary as I first thought and the main reasons being – encouragement and support. From the very first tutorial Helen took her time to read through the modules and to explain anything that I didn’t understand, I was never made to feel inferior when I asked questions about things I didn’t understand – in fact Helen encouraged us to ask the questions. Helen praised me for the work that I completed and supported me with the assignments that I was finding difficult. Helen always looks for the positive in people and genuinely understands that we all learn differently and at different paces.

With the continued support of Helen and Source Education and Training Team and armed with my newfound confidence and knowledge I made the decision to continue with my study. I have now completed my Diploma in Children’s Services and am very close to completing my Advanced Diploma, and to my absolute amazement I am considering following up with a Degree – letters behind my name (what an amazing feeling that will be) and all thanks to Helen and the Source Education and Training Team.

I love my job as a Family Day Care Educator and thought I would be doing this forever but after studying with Helen my plans have now changed. Helen is an inspiration to me and my new goal for my career is to complete my Cert 4 in
Training and Assessing and to one day join Helen and her team of tutors to support and inspire people like me. I know how much the knowledge and confidence that I have gained during my training has changed my life and I would now like to be able to pass this onto other Educator’s, who like me, thought that this would never be possible.

Jeanne Byrne


Student to Tutor

Source Education Training is the registered training organization I studied through to gain my Diploma &
Advanced Diploma in Children Services. I found the staff to be very helpful and no request is too much trouble. Helen Moorhouse has a very wide knowledge of the requirements of all training matters as well as Traineeships etc. I am now a tutor with Source to support the educators in my scheme to study the Certificate III in Children’s Services and I offer monthly tutorial sessions.The educators are very happy with the training resources and service provided by Source
Education and Training. Source Education and Training is very flexible to work with and offer a great service to the
educators and tutors as they focus on the Family Day Care sector, which other training services are not specialists in.

I look forward to a long partnership with Source Education and Training as I continue to promote the excellence of
Family Day Care.

Mary Wiedman : Licensee of Hatchling House Family Day Care