Are you ready for 2016? Family Day Care Association Queensland’s Diary/ Planner is here and ready to purchase….

The Family Day Care Association Queensland’s Diary/Planner has been created as a perpetual diary with no set dates. This was done intentionally with the idea that Educators could start using this resource at any time of the year.

The diary/planner encourages you to think about your discussions with children, your observations and the children’s emerging interests and diaryhow these can lead to new learning. It also has a business diary to assist FDC Educators in their role. It allows you to keep a record of business requirements in one place to be able to access them easily.
This is a useful tool for the valuable work you do to facilitate children’s growing as they become successful learners with a strong sense of well-being and identity, confident and creative individuals, effective communicator and informed citizens.

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