become an educator

Becoming a Home Based Educator

To become an Educator and have a career in Family Day Care is a rewarding business opportunity.

As an Educator you will build a partnership with the Family Day Care Service in your region. This involves entering into a contractual arrangement with the Service whereby you will be provided with support, referrals and training to operate your business.

The Service will have policies and procedures which you must be familiar with and implement. You will also be operating under legislation which defines the number of children you can care for and the requirement for providing quality care and education.


Who can be an Educator in Family Day Care?

A Family Day Care Educator is someone who:

  • Is willing to engage in the principles of practices outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF);
  • Is willing to undertake ongoing Professional Development;
  • Is able to engage children in the wonder of learning, growing their disposition for lifelong learning by creating inquiring minds;
  • Is willing to plan for and assess children’s ongoing learning;
  • Is energized by being with children;
  • Has a genuine desire to be engaged in the lives of young children and their families;
  • Wants to operate their own home-based childcare business with the support of a strong team of professional Coordinators;
  • Wants to spend more time at home with their own children;
  • Can create a nurturing, safe and educational environment for children;
  • Can provide a healthy and hygienic environment and model healthy practices with children;
  • Interacts with children in a warm and friendly way and engages them in interesting experiences;
  • Has the skills and the knowledge of strategies to promote and support positive behaviour in children;
  • Is willing to open their home to families seeking care and education for their children;
  • Values forming partnerships with parents;
  • Is excited about learning more about early childhood related issues and trends;
  • Is understanding of the feelings of children and parents in the separation process and is willing to assist children to settle into care;
  • Has well-developed and effective communication skills with adults and children;
  • Values diversity and has respect for every family’s culture and child rearing practices;
  • Has the ability to perform the necessary administrative tasks and to learn new skills as necessary to run their own small business including computer skills.
  • Willingness to undertake a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care


What does it cost to become an Educator?

The cost to become an Educator and set up your Family Day Care Business will be minimal compared with the cost of setting up most businesses.

You will need to consider the following:

  • Do you already own or rent the premises. If you are renting, you will need to have written permission from your landlord to conduct a Family Day Care Service. There may be some costs associated with making the home safe e.g. glass, fencing (including pool), repairs, storage, child safe locks for cupboards: Care for Kids has a checklist which may assist you.
  • Cost of acquiring a Blue Card for yourself and all adults who reside at the premises
  • Cost of obtaining a First Aid Certificate, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training
  • Cost of Insurance
  • Cost of learning tools and equipment necessary to undertake the role. Examples: Puzzles, books, toys, outdoor equipment, cots and pram.
  • Cost of business tools: operating computer, Internet connection and software (e.g. Harmony Lite)
  • Cost of obtaining a Qualification (Cert III in Children’s Services): Contact Family Day Care Training Australia for options: Email: OR Phone: 07 3399 3737


When you start working as an educator, there will be no more transport costs to and from your work, and no more childcare costs for your own children