The FDCAQ Board makes decisions in regard to governance, strategic direction, organisational policies, financial transactions over identified limits, government funding submissions and human resource management of the Executive Manager positions.

The Board aims to provide sound management decisions based on effective communication, cooperation, and participation. These decisions will be consistent with the strategic objectives and values of Family Day Care Association Queensland.

The Management Committee meets our strategic objectives and values by:

  • Providing strategic management for the administration of property and funds of FDCAQ
  • Employment and oversight of the Executive Manager to carry out strategic objectives in line with the values of FDCAQ
  • Authorising persons from time to time to form sub-committees for the sole purpose of assisting the Management Committee in carrying out its duties
  • Attending to issues as they arise
  • Handling grievances raised in accordance with FDCAQ Policies and Procedures.



Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2018

Rose Kent


Appointed 22 February 2019.
Former Senior Executive in the Queensland Public Service.

Andy Rolfe

Independent Director (Vice Chair)

Appointed 12 December 2014.
Director of Kids at Home Family Day Care and founder and director of FDSee, a specifically designed software program for Family Day Care service coordination.

Nicki Herriot

Independent Director

Appointed 24 February 2021.
Former Senior Executive in both government agencies and the private sector, including Chief Executive of a not for profit organisation.

Jenni Marsh

Independent Director

Appointed 31 March 2021.
Principal Consultant for Risk, Safety & Quality at Abate Risk Pty Ltd.

Kate Simpson

Independent Director

Appointed 31 March 2021.
Over seven years post admission experience as an Employment & Safety Lawyer with post-graduate qualifications and Workplace Relations Specialist accreditation.

Matthew Grant

Independent Director

Appointed 27 October 2021.
Chief Business Officer at Feros Care with over 20 years experience in finance, business management and corporate governance in the aged care and people services sector.

Ro Andersen

Member Elected Director

Appointed 24 October 2017.
Family Day Care Manager at Wesley Mission Queensland.

Kerry Smith

Member Elected Director

Appointed 7 July 2019.
 Approved Provider and Educational Leader of We Belong Family Day Care Services.