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State FDC Regional Meeting 20th July | MURARRIE

On Wednesday the 20th of July we were very fortunate to have Rhonda Livingstone (ACECQA) and Cathy O’Malley (DET) present at our State FDC Regional Meeting at our Murarrie office. We had 32 participants attend and 23 online.



Download your copy of the Participants Handbook Here 


Rhonda Livingstone
shared with the group ways to build confidence when preparing and undertaking the Ratings and Assessment process.  Click on the below button to view Rhonda’s presentation.


Cathy O’Malley spoke about the new DET Fencing Requirements for a Family Day Care residence. She also shared that Family Day Care is diverse and every environment and situation is different and each should be considered in their own context.





We finished the morning off with a Professional conversation around these questions. 
  • What were the key themes that stood out for you? 
  • How do I advocate for my service? 
  • What three key themes do you want to share?
The key themes from the four groups are below : 
From Rhonda Livingstone 
  • Advocating for Educators – Building their confidence to promote what they do 
  • How? What? Why? 
  • Meaningful, informed and achievable 
  • Relationships with families, children and communities 
  • Developing the community relationships 
  • Not to FEAR Department 
  • Articulate the information
  • Always about children


  • Not to FEAR Department
  • Articulate the Information
  • Every child 
  • Collection of information 
  • Empowering Educators 
  • Understanding regulations 
  • Needing to Educate community on professionalism of Family Day Care 
  • What are your strengths? 
From Cathy O’Malley 
  • Open for interpretation – coming back to outcomes for children 
  • Cannot blanket – All about safety 
  • Every child, environment, needs are different 
  • Family Day Care is diverse 
  • Open communication 
  • Consistency of information 
  • Collection of information  3 key things we heard 


Group One 
  • Challenge outcomes 
  • Empowering Educators to have confidence in own practice 
  • Requires our professional judgement – what has informed our decision 
Group Two 
  • Authentic 
  • Empowering 
  • Collaborative 
  • Quality of care for children – good outcomes 
  • Why? What? How? – Youtube. Critical Reflection 
  • Looking at the data – using as a basis 
  • Health: Safety and Wellbeing – Policy and Best Practice 
  • Regional Meeting – sharing 
Group Three 
  • Emails including Fact Sheet re: Fencing 
  • Consistency with Regional Office in Assessment and Ratings 
  • Sharing of General Practice Guide – openness/transparency 
  • Embedded Practice and what it means 
Group Four
  • What, how, why
  • Children as a focus – Outcomes for children’s wellbeing and safety
  • Confidence to challenge

Workforce Council – Educator Unchained

On the 4 May 2016, FDCAQ representatives attended the Workforce Council Conference – Educator Unchained.

The Educator Unchained Conference posed a series of questions to the attendees. Have your say below on the following questions asked.

  1. What are the connections between a predominately female workforce and the challenges the ECEC sector currently are facing?
  2. How is professional identity influencing the service children receive in Australia
  3. Stand out- As EC professional ” What is our role in changing the thinking about  EC Teaching?”
  4. “What do we need to do as a sector?”
  5. “Do we need to claim the right language and space around ECEC teaching?”

LEAPS Online Professional Development

Dear Members

The LEAPS program has launched its new online professional development course which explores
the Get up and Grow Guidelines covering:

• How the Get up and Grow Guidelines fit in with the EYLF and NQS
• Infant feeding
• Healthy eating for 0-5 years
• Positive Meal times
• Communicating with families
• Food safety
• Physical
And it’s FREE to Queensland Early Childhood Educators until mid 2016