What is the cost of care at FDC ?

Each Educator within a family day care service will set their own fee. It is important that families understand that each Educator may have a range of fees and charges depending on the service provided. The Educator will be able to tell you the total cost of the care, but is not able to provide you with an estimate of actual cost of care reduced by your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) entitlement prior to commencement as she/he will not have verification of your eligible CCB percentage.

Fees and charges within Family Day Care Services

Family Day Care Services have a range of fees and charges which apply to families and some of these may be included in the Educator’s fee. These levies support the operation of the coordination unit which represents the Approved Provider of the service. These fees go to support the employment of staff and the provision of resources and equipment needed to support quality education and care across the service. The rate of the levy will be discussed with you at enrolment and collected either weekly or fortnightly.To find out what child assistance maybe available to you visit the Department of Human Services.

Advance Payment – Bonds or Retainers

Many Educators charge families a deposit or bond at the commencement of care. This is refunded when care is terminated, if there are no outstanding debts for child care fees. Some Educators may provide a number of options to accumulate this payment over a short period, others may require this before commencement of care.

FDC cost of care

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