Discussion Paper on Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse should be expanded to include the ECEC sector

Dear Members

Please see below information in relation to the discussion paper on mandatory reporting.
I wanted to get this out as soon as possible as it has a closure date of 30 September.

I will be sending out an invitation for a professional conversation in early September, so that as your State Peak Association we seek your feedback in the development of our response and support you in developing your own response. By making the date for early September, it will give us all a bit of time to read through and discuss with colleagues.

The Queensland Law Reform Commission has released a Discussion Paper on whether mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse under the Child Protection Act 1999 should be expanded to include the early childhood education and care ( ECEC) sector.

Currently, under the Child Protection Act 1999 (QLD)  doctors, nurses, school teachers and policy officers are required to report suspected child abuse. Although ECEC staff and providers are not legally required, like any other person they  can report concerns about a child at any time under the Act’s voluntary reporting provision.

As you would be aware,  under the Education and Care Services National Law  approved providers are required to notify the Regulatory Authority of any serious incidents or complaints alleging a child’s safety, health or well-being has or is being compromised, whilst they are being provided education and care.

The Commission invites submissions from members of the public and sector on the issues raised in the Discussion Paper.

Chapter 8 raises a number of questions about whether the legislative mandatory reporting requirements should be expanded to apply to the ECEC sector,  and if so,  what would be the impacts and what service types and positions should they apply to.

Details on how to submit your comments are outlined on page 5 of the Discussion Paper.



Peta McNellie

Executive Manager


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