Family Day Care Association (FDCAQ) offers niche learning and development products and services tailored primarily to the changing and developing requirements of the family day care sector and its workforce. FDCAQ has a national focus offering services throughout Australia as well as to the broader Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

Food Handling and Safety (BFHS)

Food Handling and Safety (BFHS)

This session is self paced and focuses on ensuring educators have a strong understanding of their obligation and duty of care requirements around safe food storage, healthy food practices, including personal hygiene and appropriate preparation of food processes.

Supporting Children’s Behaviour (CBSCB)

Welcome to Supporting Children’s Behaviour – this session has 2 modules. This professional e-learning session is design to explore the theory and practices which underpin our work with children in relation to their development of self-control and self-regulation.

Child Protection Matters (CP01)

Welcome to Child Protection, this session is designed to support new and existing educators in understanding their obligation to identify and respond to child protection matters.

Care for Children – Transition from home to care (DCC)

Care for children – supporting children into care: this is an interactive e-learning session which explores the importance of consistent daily routines in children’s lives.

Ensure Health and Safety of Children (EHS)

This is an online interactive session that explores the role educators play in ensuring children’s emotional, physical and overall wellbeing.

Family Day Care Administration (FDCA)

This course is for new educators and explores the many administrative task you will need to consider in order to operate a successful home-based family day care business.

Work Collaboratively with Families – EFFECTIVE OPEN COMMUNICATION (WCF)

This is interactive e-learning course which covers, the key aspects of building a collaborative partnership with families in a home-based setting. Participants will explore

Workplace Health and Safety (RISK ASSESSMENT) (WHS)

This is an interactive e-learning session which explore your obligation to workplace health and safety laws as an educator operating a family day care home-based business.

Work with a Legal and Ethical Framework (WLEF)

This is an interactive e-learning session which explore your obligation to key statutory and regulatory requirement as an early childhood educator.