Family Day Care Professional Learning Live Webinars

Family Day Care Professional Learning Live Webinars

Our live webinars are facilitated by skilful FDC people, providing participants with opportunity to engage and share with other participants from the comfort of their home or office. Find the dates for our live webinars on our calendar of events  

Supervision – more than what you see

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This session explores a range of considerations that reflect typical everyday situations in a family day care setting these include applying the principles of supervision which include:

  • Knowing each child’s abilities;
  • Establishing clear and simple safety rules;
  • Being aware of and scanning for potential safety hazards;
  • Placing yourself in a strategic position
  • Scanning play activities and circulating around the area;
  • Focusing on the positive rather than the negative to teach a child;
  • Teaching children the developmentally appropriate and safe use of each piece of equipment

Creating a culture of Adventurous Play – Risk Rich Environment

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This session will provoke participants to foster play spaces, which are challenging and recognise a degree of risk is often beneficial, if not essential.Children and young people enjoy challenging, adventurous play opportunities where they can test themselves and extend their abilities.Giving children the chance to encounter hazards and take risks provides other benefits, such as

  • the chance to learn how to assess and
  • manage these and similar risks for themselves

Belonging, Being and Becoming – Bringing the EYLF to Life

Session Length: 2 Hours

Do you want to have a better understanding of the Early Years Framework (EYLF) and the key themes of

  • Belonging
  • Being and
  • Becoming

This session is designed specifically for educators, who want to gain an introductory understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and underpinning themes for play and learning.


Preparing for Rating and Assessment – NQS

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

This session aims to de-stress educators and equip them with the confidence to engage in the process of showcasing their work with children. Upon completion educators will

  • have an understanding of the Rating and Assessment process
  • feel confident about what they can expect during the visit and
  • be prepared to discuss and showcase their everyday practice.

Let’s explore the 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Standards

Session Length: 3 x 1.5 Hours

The National Quality Standard is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework. It brings together the seven key quality areas that are important to outcomes for children. In this learning series of three session you will explore all quality areas and consider how they inform practice.

  • QA1 Educational program and practice
  • QA2 Children’s health and safety
  • QA3 Physical environment
  • QA4 Staffing arrangements
  • QA5 Relationships with children
  • QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • QA7 Leadership and service management Educational program and practice

Loose Parts – 5 reasons why loose parts should be an important part of all early childhood setting

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

Loose parts can be natural or synthetic. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. This session will inspire you to:

  • Awaken creativity and possibilities in children
  • Stimulate children’s imagination using loose parts
  • Provide open learning play opportunities to support children’s sense of connection with their world.
  • Lead children in problem solving and theoretical reasoning
  • Embed the 3 R’s recycle, reuse and recycle in every practice


Documentation – it’s all about confidence

Session Length: 6 x 1 Hour

Educators enrolled in this professional learning course will embark on an online learning journey over 6 weeks exploring a range of planning and documenting processes.The aim of each of these one-hour professional learning sessions is

  • to build confidence in exploring the planning cycle.
  • give Educators an opportunity to see a range of tools used to plan and document children’s assessment of learning process.

Each week we will introduce new concepts, to assist you to build a curriculum which reflects your philosophy and embeds the principle, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Sustainability –more than a worm farm

Session Length: 3 x 1.5 Hours

Sustainability – it’s more than a worm farm is a series of three sessions delivered over 3 consecutive weeks. These interrelated sessions explore a range of topic around assisting educators in supporting children to develop an understanding and respect for the natural environment. Each session will explore key concepts for

  • how educators can use everyday opportunities to discuss sustainability
  • the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land with children.