The FDCAQ Board makes decisions in regard to governance, strategic direction, organisational policies, approval of financial transactions over identified limits, Government funding submission approval and human resource management of the Executive Manager position.

The Board of Directors of the Family Day Care Association of Queensland aims to provide sound management decisions based on effective communication, cooperation, and participation. These decisions will be consistent with the strategic objectives and values of the FDCAQ.

The Management Committee meet our strategic objectives and values by:

* Providing strategic management for the administration of property and funds of FDCAQ
* Employment and oversight of the Executive Manager to carry out strategic objectives in line with the values of FDCAQ
* Authorizing persons from time to time to form sub-committees for the sole purpose of assisting the Management Committee in carrying out its duties
* Attending to issues as they arise
* Handling grievances raised in accordance with FDCAQ Policies and Procedures.


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