Benefits for children in Family Day Care

Children benefit from Family Day Care through:

  • Developing a close relationship with one consistent Educator
  • Opportunities to learn through play-based exploration in a small group in a home environment
  • Socialising with mixed age groups in family settings
  • Opportunities to be an active participant in making decisions and planning for learning experiences
  • Participating in activities provided to suit the child’s individual needs – such as singing, story telling, make believe, play, creative experiences and inquiry based projects
  • Providing a connection with their local community by way of outings which may include visits to the library, parks and shops
  • Opportunities to engage within a larger group of children through regular, supervised play group sessions and visiting other Educator’s environments
  • Learning about tolerance and acceptance of families and children with different cultures, lifestyles and needs
  • Families working in partnerships with Educators and Coordinators to ensure children’s cultural background, interests and strengths are celebrated, shared and enhanced
  • Spending their time with a qualified and skilled educator able to scaffold and build onto the child’s existing knowledge and skills


FDCQLD play based children environment