Loose Parts Educator session at Kath Dickson

The Loose Parts Educator Session was held at Kath Dickson Toowoomba on the 10 March 2016.

The theory of loose parts is essential to any Early Childhood environment, if we are wanting to foster and build children’s competence, creativity and independent thinking we need to engage in this type of play. By offering loose parts play to the children in your environments children will gain a better understanding of free exploration and creation, problem solving and sustainability.

The Loose Parts session gave practical examples of how loose parts can be used in a FDC environment to promote open ended play, support independent thinking and to foster sustainability. During this session, participants took part in a hands-on workshop where they could jump in, take hold, pull apart, rearrange and invent using whatever materials they have within their reach.

At this session Educators were asked to reflect back to their favourite childhood memory and share this in the group. The group stated that their favourite memories all related to outdoor play, nature and a sense of freedom.  During this time an Educator from Bangladesh Tanima came to me and shared that the childhood reflection and playing with the loose parts took her back to her childhood where they would make their toys out of Loose parts.

In Tanima’s hands was a doll she had made out of the workshop loose parts materials (flowers, playdough and material and ribbon) – as a child Tanima would create the body of the doll out of clay from the ground and create the dress out of scape material and ribbons and flowers from the garden.

“Cathy the thanks really must go to you for such a fabulous presentation that truly engaged and enthused our educators. “
Debby Mogg – Manager Kath Dickson FDC


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