National Family Day Care Week 1-7 May 2016

Nat-Family-Day-Care-Week Commencing on May 1 and concluding on May 7, National Family Day Care Week , organised annually by Family Day Care Australia is about recognising and promoting the important role family day care educators and services play in the development and wellbeing of more than 203,790 children across Australia. Family Day Care Queensland would like to acknowledge our Co-ordination Units and Educators for their commitment to quality outcomes for children. We appreciate the endless hours and dedication of each and every individual within our Family Day Care Queensland Co-Ordination Units. Their dedication to mentoring and advocating our high quality Educators and their desire and willingness to inspire wonderful childhoods help to fuel our mutual efforts of building positive and meaningful relationships with all families and children. To our Educators, we recognise that Family Day Care Queensland is the great organisation it is today because each and every one of you perform your vocation with passion, dedication and integrity. We know that the best lessons for all of the young individuals within your care are not learned from books, but from the hearts of truely great Educators like yourselves. There is nothing that gives us more satisfaction than when we accomplish so much together with you all, and for that – We thank you! National Family Day Care Week is your week to celebrate you. Through this blog we would like for you to comment and share below your stories as a Practice Mentor ( also known as a Co-ordinator ) or an Educator. You could perhaps share with us how –

  • As a Practice Mentor ( also known as a Co-ordinator ) or Educator you feel proud when …..
  • As a Practice Mentor ( also known as a Co-ordinator ), you best support Educators by …..
  • As an Educator, you best support Families and Children by …..

We would also like to hear directly from you how you celebrated National Family Day Care Week . Please send your stories and images for us to read and share to  

One thought on “National Family Day Care Week 1-7 May 2016

  1. I am a family daycare educator from the Cassowary Coast in Far North Queensland. I’ve been an educator with family daycare for nearly 8 years now and what I’m most proud of is the inclusiveness that family daycare offers to the families in my care but also to myself. This inclusiveness is created through a huge diversity of culture, interest and needs, flexibility, originality and the inclusive practices that help to build sustainable relationships.The EYLF encourages us to establish respectful and caring relationships enabling us to work together and practice inclusion. For myself I don’t ask “Can I?”, rather “How will I?”
    Incorporating the National Quality Standards and the Early year Learning Frameworks into my service means to me that families will have a better understanding of what a quality service is and how It will meet learning outcomes for children. I have an expectation that parents want to be involved creating an open invitation. Nothings too big or too much trouble, opportunities for learning and building relationships are endless. Many of my ideas are inspired by my families. Parents are important stakeholders in their child’s future I give families the opportunity to make informed decisions about the service of education and care given to their children. My most innovative practice becomes my challenge as I have is the belief that ‘nothing can’t be achieved simply because it’s family daycare’. I love the authenticity that can be presented and experienced by the children and families. I think that my service is unique, I have an open door for parents to support their child’s learning through participation, resources, sharing their cultures, hosting our annual career expo and participation in annual sports day. Parents also share talents such as teaching Yoga and second languages. They join forces for community and global causes, plus much more. I plant the seed of cooperative learning and in turn they feel comfortable to engage, be involved in their child’s learning. Parents are the first educators they need to feel inspired that they are doing a good job, this in turn inspires myself and most of all their children.

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