Vision | Purpose Strategic | Priorities | Values within FDCAQ

Our Vision

inspiring learning, strengthening families, creating communities.

Our Purpose

FDCAQ inspires, leads and innovates a sustainable future for strong families, children and communities: by valuing diversity, recognising opportunities, promoting life-long learning and developing rich relationships.

Strategic Priorities

Organisational Agility, Leadership and Innovation, Communication and Connections, Quality and Practice.

Our Values

Children: We honour children and childhood through emphasising each child’s agency, child directed learning, valuing fun, children’s wellbeing and promoting the rights of all children. 

Families: We recognise the importance of creating diverse communities that holistically support families from birth throughout life.

Lifelong Learning: We strive to achieve a culture of ongoing learning and development for individuals and teams which strengthens the capacity to support our community.

Shaping the Future: We promote innovation by looking to the future, envisaging change and embracing reflective
practice that shapes the way forward.

Relationships: We promote opportunities to enable safe, reciprocal and meaningful relationships that respect the unique cultures and the value of different points of view.