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The Get it Together Box Set includes the Practice Guide, Implementation Handbook, Planning Cycle Poster and the Program and Practice Visual Guide.

The Practice Guide is a practice and reflective resource for family day care educators to support and guide them in thinking about program and practice in their home-based setting. Our primary aim in writing this guide is to showcase the capacity of the Family Day Care program to meet and exceed the high expectations we have for providing qualityeducation and care environments for children. Family Day Care Association Qld is committed to building a sense of confidence in educators with respect to their program and practice and how these link to and meet all aspects of the National Quality Standard and the Learning Frameworks.

This Implementation Handbook is one of the key resources within the ‘Get it Together!’ package. In writing this implementation handbook, Family Day Care Association Queensland (FDCAQ), as Queensland’s peak body for family day care, seeks to assist our sector’s engagement with the ‘Get it Together!’ Practice Guide. This Implementation Handbook has tips on how to use the Get it Together Practice Guide, we have developed some tools to support educators and coordination unit staff targeted at building a strong understanding of planning for and documenting children’s learning.

The Visual Guide reflects the Family Day Care curriculum and focuses on connection between the home setting and principles and practices of the EYLF and MTOP.

The Planning Cycle is a great poster educators can display to assist them in their with planning, this is also a tool educators could use to discuss children’s experiences with families.

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