Regional South West Queensland Meeting at Kath Dickson Toowoomba


The Regional South West Qld Meeting was held at Kath Dickson Toowoomba on the 10 March 2016.

The highlight of the meeting was using the FDCAQ’s Practice Mentor – Capability Pursuit Cards with the group.

Each participant had to firstly choose a card that relates to an individual strength they have in regards to practice and secondly choose another card that is an area of growth. The participants then shared their reflection to the group about each card. This experience stimulated some questions and critical thinking.

Attendees at this Regional Meeting Included :

Six attendees from Kath Dickson Toowoomba FDC


One attendee from St George Family Day Care


Gooniwindi-FDCTwo attendees from Goondiwindi FDC 


Cathy Cahill from Family Day Care Association QLD


You too can experience the excitement of the highlight of the Regional South West Queensland Meeting . Simply visit the Family Day Care Association website and purchase your very own FDCAQ’s Practice Mentor – Capability Pursuit Cards .


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