Research Project -FDCAQ engages in partnership with UQ to investigate other forms of flexible FDC delivery

Regional Meeting

(North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Regional Meeting and Flexible Delivery Models Session 1st December 2015)

Developing more Flexible Service Delivery Models for Family Day Care

FDCAQ has for the last year been engaged in a partnership with the University of Queensland Michelle Brady MA. PhD, Lecturer in Sociology, School of Social Science who has been investigating ‘Developing more flexible service delivery models for FDC.’

Michelle started with researching internationally the flexible models of service delivery which most align with the family day care model.

Michelle facilitated 5 (90 minute) focus groups across Queensland consulting with 60 Family Day Care Practice Mentors (also known as Coordinators) and Team Leaders. In each consultation Michelle shared information on 4 to 5 Overseas Models (which most align with the FDC model). During these consultations the focus was particularly around the feasibility of introducing some of the models of flexible childcare and how they may work with/within an FDC environment.

One of the research models-Blue Pointer Program (from New Zealand)

This model was designed to support families with children attending extra curricula activities after school whilst they work. Outline of this program

  • The service would have pool of carers that would match a “Blue Pointer carer” with the family
  • One carer would have no more than 2 children at a time
  • Carer would collect children from school
  • Carer would stay at the extra curricula activity with the child until the parent arrived or the carer would drop the child at home
  • Carer must have a drivers licence and car
  • Carer must have First aid Qualifications and Police check
  • Service would provide a mentoring and support for the “Blue Pointers”


We await the outcomes from this research project and will happily share the results with the session participants and members of the FDC Community.

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