Services & Coordination Units

All Family Day Care Educators are supported by a Service of their choice. Each Service has at least one central office, known as the Coordination Unit, located in metropolitan, rural and remote regions across Queensland.

It is the role of the Coordination Unit staff to support, assist and provide guidance to the Educators within their Service. 

How Coordination Units support Educators

Educator Induction

Provides a detailed induction program for all onboarding Educators

Personalised Support

Provides ongoing consistent support, personalised to each Educators

Professional Development

Provides access to professional development and training opportunities.

Technical Support

Administers timesheets and pays the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate to Educators of behalf of families


Provides compliance support to ensure Educators meet the required legislative standards.

In-Home Visits

Provides hands on support by conducting regular visits to Educator's homes

Safety Assessments

Conducts regular assessments to ensure the safety of children whilst in care

Curriculum Advice

Provides curriculum support and guidance in creating personalised learning programs

Family Interviews

Conducts interviews with prospective families on behalf of Educators


Refers enrolling families to Educators with suitable vacancies


Provides feedback to families regarding their children's learning outcomes

Alternative Care

Provides alternative care arrangements when regular Educator is unavailable, where possible