Terms and Conditions

Membership is available for purchase applicants who hold a Family Day Care Service Approval by the state regulatory authority in Queensland. Any Australian organisation which does not hold a Family Day Care Service Approval, may purchase an associate membership by tendering interest in writing to fdcqld@fdcqld.org. 

Membership can be purchased via self-initiated process on the Family Day Care Association Queensland (FDCAQ) website.

  • As a part of the registration process, personal information provided will be validated by FDCAQ.
  • By providing this information, the applicant certifies that it is true and correct. 
  • Members are required to ensure the information provided is kept up to date at all times. Updates can be made in writing to fdcqld@fdcld.org, or by calling 07 3399 3737.
  • FDCAQ will implement and maintain reasonable procedures for protecting personal information in compliance with applicable laws and policies. 
  • FDCAQ agree to keep all confidential information obtained strictly confidential at all times. Confidentiality will be continued after membership is terminated. 

Membership commences from the time payment is received, and lasts until 30 June. Membership does not automatically renew, members who wish to renew must do so manually, via the FDCAQ website

Any amendments to the membership terms made by FDCAQ will be communicated in a timely manner to all members, to ensure members remain compliant. 

Cancellations and refunds must be requested in writing to fdcqld@fdcqld.org, and will be approved or denied at the discretion of FDCAQ.

All member resources are copyrighted FDCAQ intellectual property, and selling these resources to any third party is forbidden, and will result in legal consequences and termination of membership immediately. 

FDCAQ has a zero tolerance policy for abuse and harassment, and any member exhibiting behaviours deemed as such, will have their membership terminated immediately. 

Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in termination of membership, without any financial reimbursement. Additionally, FDCAQ reserves the right to terminate memebrship at any time, for any reason deemed reasonable by FDCAQ.