Update to notification for Assessment and Rating Visits

Dear Members

On Friday I was notified by our state regulatory authority that there is a new timeframe established across the country for the notification of which educators will be visited for Assessment and Rating visits.

This is something both FDCAQ and our state reg authority (OECEC) have fought hard on, as many other jurisdictions across Australia did not want a notice period at all for when services would be notified what educators would be visited.

The current guidance states:  The regulatory authority will give the approved provider at least five days’ notice of the date of the visit.

Apparently there is a varied approaches to this and give a consistent message about how this is managed, as of today on the ACECQA website it will state that state and territory regulatory authority will give between 0 – 5 days’ notice of the educator sample for quality assessment of Family Day Care services.
I have been assured that in QLD the current practice is 5 days’ notice and they intend to continue this practice, unless there is concern about the practice of the service.

The OECEC will be sending out a bulletin to all FDC notifying them of the changes, effective today.

Fortunately in QLD we have a regulatory authority who has been happy to work with us and hear the message about the difference between centre based and FDC and why it is important to allow educators to be prepared for the A&R.
If you notice that this practice does change and you are not being notified at all regarding which educators will be visited, please let me know, so we can have further discussion with the OECEC.

Peta McNellie

Executive Manager

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